Nina Dobrev Teams Up with Gorjana Jewelry for EBMRF

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What is with the blood?! 

Oi marimo what happened?!?

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tumblr reacts to the how i met your mother series finale part 2

part 1

part 3

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They don’t deserve you.

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Sanji through the years.

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There’s really no reason to accuse Barney of being a misogynist or a sociopath now that we know that all of this is being told from the perspective of the man who wanted the woman Barney ended up with (albeit briefly) and was telling the story to passively aggressively get his kids to consent to him pursuing her. Now the whole series plays as Ted trying to make Barney look like a sleaze to prove to his kids how poor aunt Robin didn’t belong with such a dirtbag—thank goodness she can end up in Daddy’s bed instead! —WELP (via absolutelyiris)
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How I Met Your Mother writers & producers, we need to talk.



all the things i ship ★ ross geller and rachel green

you were worth the wait. and i don’t just mean tonight.

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[ A K A G A M I ]

Happy Birthday, Shanks! {03.09}

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things i want to see happen in op